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Value your Values – il racconto del gruppo italiano


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Alicante, May 4-10

Cultural exchange is one of the most beneficial experiences one can have. It broadens perspective and helps the participants to better understand each other’s cultures as well as values. This particular project named “Value Your Values”, took place in the beautiful coastal city of Alicante, Spain from the 4th of May 2024 until the 10th of May, focused on deconstructing and
reconstructing values.

During this project, the participants had th opportunity to ask themselves questions like: what are my values, where do they come from, am I capable of changing them, how do values influence each other? By querying these questions and engaging in non-formal educational activities, participants had the chance to explore the meaning of values according to context and
had the space to contrast with the point of views of others.

The activities consisted of team building, debating, building several value-oriented workshops, using different forms of art to express their beliefs, and engaging deep provoking discussions. These activities enabled the individuals to work and think cooperatively, improved their critical thinking skills, enlarged their empathy skills, encouraged creativity, and built bonds with people from diverse backgrounds. As we know and experience the situation of the global population getting fractured by radical ideas and beliefs, this Erasmus+ project led us to the realization of the essential features of values that bond us together.

Furthermore, the participants had the pleasure of being introduced to every aspect of different cultures that were on display at the Culture Nights.
Every country presented their cultures by showing various dances, videos, cuisine etc. These means they used represented their shared collective memories reflecting their culture and social backgrounds. Consequently,
people learned about Romanian, Greek, Lithuanian, Spanish, Italian & Turkish backgrounds.
The city of Alicante only enhanced the experiences of the exchange. During free time, the participants explored the old city streets and enjoyed plenty of Spanish culture. No one missed out on the refreshing breeze at the sea and heartwarming sunshine either!

All in all, this youth exchange program was a pleasure for all parties involved.
Everyone grew as a person, enhanced their perspectives, rediscovered their values and expanded their inner world. This experience will forever be engraved in the participants’ hearts and be considered a huge milestone of their lives.

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