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Civic spark: Igniting Youth Leadership for Change, the experience of the participants


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Our experience of Erasmus plus project with Youmore lasted 8 days, from 08.05.2024 to 16.05.2024. Our host country was Romania and we stayed in the city of Bucharest. 

The countries who partecipated to this Erasmus were: Italy, Latvia, Bulgaria, Turkie and Spain.

The countries who partecipated to this Erasmus were: Italy, Latvia, Bulgaria, Turkie and Spain. 

Since the first day we started bonding with different people and cultures.

This exchange helped us to improve our knowldege about this topic, but also about our languages skills, and how to work with a team, and most important of all to respect the others. 

The activities were really interesting, we learnt about: Civic Engagement, Advocacy, Problem Solving, Sustainability and how make our voices matter.

Thanks to our facilitators we could also make some debated about todays problems, such as  elections, social causes, the happiness scale in our countries.

We were able to learn so much in such less time thanks to the informal education, which we think is one of the best wasys to really learn about a certain topic. We used to make videos, play games, have brainstorming all together so we could have different solutions to the problems that they presented to us.

This helped us to open our minds and change our point of view.

The atmosphere was really good, we liked the structure in which we stayed. We used to be just 2 people in one room, but we had one big room in where we all used to go to talk, get to know each other more, play some games and put some music to dance all together.

We are glad to Youmore that allowed us to make this incredible experience, we met a lot of new people who will always be in our hearts.

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