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Speak it Loud: Diversity, Migration, Culture


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Perspectives from the Italian team 


The project “Speak It Loud: Diversity, Migration, Culture” provided a unique opportunity to delve into the intricate process of migration, and address challenges related to fear, racism, and stereotypes. Through active intercultural dialogue, and the exchange of point of views among participants from diverse backgrounds, we were able to explore the roots of stereotypes and understand the impact of our mindsets on the perception of other nations. The active involvement of youth played a pivotal role in shaping the project, allowing us to respond to specific needs and achieve tangible results in terms of awareness and social change.

The project: aim, activities and reflection

In particular, the project aimed to foster a deep understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity among its participants, enhancing intercultural learning and encouraging meaningful dialogue. It seeked to empower individuals with a sense of social responsibility, highlighting the impact they can have on challenging and changing stereotypes about other nations.
A key component was to educate participants about the complexity of migration, distinguishing between different categories such as labor migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced people. Additionally, the project intended to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively share what they have learnt within their own communities through the organisation of workshops. At its core, the initiative strived to cultivate strong, collaborative relationships between participants from different countries, emphasising the importance of tolerance and understanding towards all nations and the diverse reasons behind migration.

In order to achieve those objectives, fifty young people from five different countries (Armenia, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Ukraine) were invited to join the exchange, during which we carried out different types of activities, involving simulation games, theatre performances and workshops. The main goal was to shed light on the widespread problem of discrimination and show its real-life impact in our respective countries. At the same time, the activities aimed to solve, or at least mitigate, the challenges daily faced by immigrants, and in particular those connected with prejudice and stereotypes.

Thus, thanks to active and creative non-formal education, every participant managed to show, share and discuss their cultural perceptions on the wider phenomena of migration. As participants, we therefore had the chance to learn and investigate the cultural peculiarities of the other participants, but also of our own, constantly seeking to eradicate unjust attitudes and labels, and at the same time provide participants with an understanding of the importance and power of intercultural dialogue.

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The warmth of Armenia: exploring and getting to know each other 

During the project we stayed in the city of Gyumri, in the north-east of the country, not far from the border with Georgia. Gyumri is known for its cultural and artistic heritage, and it managed to give us a warm welcome and experience despite the sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall. On our free days we visited the Marmashen monastery, located not far from the city. The beauty of the monastery left us speechless, but what impressed us the most was the natural landscape that surrounds it. Finally, in order to fully experience Armenia, we organised a trip to visit the capital Yerevan and the nearby monastery of Gherard, Garni temple and the geological site of the Symphony of Stones: all places steeped in culture that will always be in our hearts. 

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Overall, joining this intercultural exchange meant diving into an environment rich with diversity, where every dialogue and activity became an opportunity to challenge our own beliefs and broaden our horizons. 
The relationships with the other young participants, coming from different countries and backgrounds, enriched our personal journey, allowing us to discover new perspectives on migration, culture, and the importance of intercultural dialogue.

Every conversation, simulation game, theatre performance, and workshop were not just educational activities but moments of deep human sharing, where laughter, emotions, and sometimes tears intertwined, creating unbreakable bonds. 
This experience highlighted how understanding and accepting diversity can truly generate positive change in society, combating stereotypes and discrimination. It showed how behind statistics and political beliefs stand people with their personal stories, seeking dignity, safety, and a better life. 
We came back home not only with unforgettable memories but also with the awareness that cultural barriers can be broken down through mutual respect and listening.


As we conclude this journey of intercultural exchange, we reflect on the profound impact it had on each of us. From challenging our beliefs to forging unbreakable bonds, this experience has been transformative. We depart with a deeper understanding of the power of diversity and the importance of fostering mutual respect. Let us carry these lessons forward as we strive to create a more inclusive and empathetic society.

(Abdelrhman, Alessia, Alice, Anna, Cecilia, Emma, Francesca, Mergi e Samuel)

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