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Sunday 3 July – Second anniversary of Youmore


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Chiari Eurodesk Agency Youmore Morcelli Giovani celebrated its second anniversary. The event was organized by project managers of Youmore Sona Arevshatyan, Uliana Bychkova and Justina Krauledaité with the help of Youth Policy Councelor Laura Capitanio. Also 4 certificatiEVS volunteers supported the evening – Tamara Petrushevska and Sandra Denkovska from Macedonia, Jorge Huéscar from Spain and Alex Barybin from Russia. Youmore Morcelli Giovani has been organizing national and international projects for 2 years and Youmore is a platform for Erasmus Plus programs.
There was organized a ceremony for language courses’ students. The participants got their certificates: there were formed two language grbarmanoups – Russian and English. A special surprise for guests was a cocktail “Youmore” which was invented by young people who visited barman classes which were organized in collaboration with Intrabar Academy. Moreover, there was even a special menu for the evening: bread, salami, fries and a drink – and it cost only 6 euro! The presentation of Chiari Eurodesk Agency was combined with latinoamericano music and a special dance performance of RG Dance. Many young people visited the event, among them were Martina Mezzasalma, Giovanni Calvetti, Silvia Donghi and Chiara Baitelli.

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