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The logo of “Youmore” for international and national projects is the originator of the Foundation Istituto Morcelliano. In English word youmore
you: stands for you, youth as all the activities are directed to the meeting of young people, to support their personal growth, to accompany the process of their integration into the society, to offer them values of connection and at least to educate EU citizens.
We believe that everyone is special and is considered unique.
more: in spite of being the abbreviation of the word “morcelliano” and the letter E which stands for Europe, indicates also the plus, the additional value that we eager to give.
Youmore… is almost like: more activities for youth.
Our main objectives are:
• to create aggregation for youth and offer opportunities for their entertainment
• to gather interests and skills of young people and orient them for a common work
• to support the whole development of a person across trainings and non-formal learning
• to provide volunteering oportunities
• to promote the meeting and exchange between young people on the national, regional, European and international level.


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