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June-August EVS volunteers are coming from Macedonia

While the Fondazione Istituto Morcelliano is still hosting its first international EVS project with participation of two volunteers, Jorge Huéscar Aguilar from Spain and Alex Barybin from Russia, the Eurodesk Agency of  Chiari is looking forward to starting the second project of hospitality with the arrival of two other young EVS volunteers in Chiari, both from the Republic of Macedonia.
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Our EVS volunteers – Jorge from Spain and Alex from Russia

From Malaga to Chiari as EVS volunteer in Fondazione Istituto Morcelliano


My name is Jorge Huéscar, and right now I am an EVS volunteer in Chiari in Fondazione Istituto Morcelliano. I am 26 years old from Malaga (Spain) where I graduated for a degree in economics. Continue reading

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