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A gap year brings us much beauty and surprises


“What do you invent to not go to school or work” could say a person ignoring that a sabbatical year brings us many beauties and surprises. So why choose twelve months volunteering with Youmore Morcelli Giovani in Chiari? My answer is simply: the Italian soul!

I applied on the European Youth Portal and after the Skype call, using my roommate’s headphones, I did not expect to be taken. Arrived first of three volunteers and the shopping made in a foreign language, I found myself curiously opening a dictionary for children and telling me that the new adventure starts. Continue reading

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Volunteering in Russia EVS Hub : experience of Clarica


Hi, I’m Clarica. About six months ago I came back from one of these experiences that shaped me most in life, EVS. Today I want to tell you what this experience was for me.

🇷🇺 😃🌏👍

I will start by saying that already during high school I have always been predisposed to live abroad, I lived a year in Argentina when I was still underage and just from that experience I realized that my life should be full of experiences outside of Italy. Continue reading

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“Change4Europe” with Youmore


Often, because of the frenetic contemporary world, it could happen that all days are passing in the same way. However, there are experiences able to stop the time, to leave us the space to live and discover something new. Experiences made in one week can mean a lot more when you consider them as an experience in a year. Experiences that change your life and the perfection of the same, helping us understand how much this world is rich of differences which unite and can help us to understand better other people and why not, also ourselves. European youth exchanges are a tool to do it. And effectively youth exchange “Change 4 Europe” that was held in Portugal in a city that is around 1h far away from Lisbon in the period from 30 March until 8th of April 2018 promoted by Youmore Morcelli Giovani was one of these kinds of experiences. For each of these country participants, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, and France, have participated 6 youngsters plus one group leader. Topics that were discussed were: democracy, ideology and the solidarity towards those who need the most: objectives that were fully reached out. All youngsters, in fact, came back with a spiritual luggage full of spirits of humanity which will for sure leave a mark in their lives. Below you can take a look at some of their comments:

Continue reading

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Youth Exchange – Intercultural Boiler in Turkey


After a long trip which started at 7 o’clock on Sunday 21st January, we have finally arrived in the evening in the city of Düzce. After a typical dinner in a restaurant in the center, we had enough time to rest in a traditional hammam (swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath) in the hotel, making the most of this moment to meet our new adventure companions. Continue reading

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Il ragazzo e il suo progetto SVE “Mediterranean Dream” in Repubblica Ceca


Questo post è disponibile anche in: Inglese

Il mio Servizio Volontario Europeo è iniziato abbastanza in salita, dovendo subentrare in un progetto già iniziato, ma soprattutto ritrovandomi in una città, Hradec Králové, e in un paese, la Repubblica Ceca, dalle usanze differenti a quelle a cui ero abituato in Italia. Fortunatamente, sono stato supportato parecchio sia dalla coordinatrice, sia dagli altri volontari, che quindi mi hanno decisamente facilitato le cose. Per me è stata dura anche iniziare una piccola nuova vita da solo, e dover pensare ad esempio a faccende alle quali comunque in Italia non dovevo pensare o, vivendo in famiglia, alle quali qualcun altro pensava al posto mio. Anche per quanto riguarda le attività non è stato facile, perché mi sono ritrovato a svolgere attività che non avevo mai svolto, come il lavoro coi bambini. Continue reading

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“WE RURAL” Youth Exchange

“We Rural”

Have you ever thought about a possibility to travel and study at zero cost?
And what about trying specialties of other continents?|
If we tell you that all that is simple and possible, would you believe us?


“We have always felt a sense of belonging to a reality that was no longer related only to the single membered countries, but to the one great country where are the problems are common.”

August 17, is the date when our adventure to Cerveruela started, a small rural place near the city of Zaragoza. There were our fellow travelers who were waiting for us, who were coming from 3 different countries: Spain, Malta, and Armenia. Days used to start with the ‘energizer’, short games that were meant to activate our brains. Continue reading

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”Yes, we are/ like Europe”, Youth exchange in Spain

From 9 to 17 July 2017, me and four other boys- Ester Zotti, Valeria Sardi, Silvia Zotti and Stefano Maraschi accompanied by Paolo Festa, we left for an Erasmus + experience in Purchena in Spain. During our trip, between flights, trains and autobus, we met our adventure companions, that were- five Romanian boys, five Polish and many other Spanish accompanied by their tutors. As the age of the participants was between 14 and 17 years and therefore we have had the supervision of at least one adult per nation.


The theme of this exchange was Europe and how each of us felt really European. The main task of the week was to create a video that had included photos and movies recorded every day. Another task was to make a graffiti that could best represent our continent and to compose, and then sing a song. Also every morning we had moments of sharing where we put into practice some ice-breakers, that was named “ice breaks”. In order to be ready for exchange, me and the other Italians had several meetings before we went to pick up the ideas and prepare the games of knowledge that we would later have to present. One of the hard work that we faced was to explain the activities in English and always have to talk in this language, even in our free time. In addition, we worked hard to get a good result at the end of the week, but we also had fun and we had the opportunity to visit Almeria, an important city in the sea and this was the possibility to swim. But this was not the only excursion we took part, because in the afternoon we were in a natural swimming pool in Cela. Also one of the most beautiful moments was the intercultural dinner where each nation prepared typical dishes to be tasted by the other participants.


I must thank the Fondazione Istituto Morcelliano for allowing me to take part in this Erasmus +, which has given me a chance to see a small part of Spain. Also way of living of its inhabitants, who were so warm and welcoming, ready to share the little they have. This exchange has also provided me to create new connections of different kind of friendships that still today, even at the big distance, have remained firm. I must admit that initially everyone had to overcome the first difficulties, such as adaptation and shyness. Therefore, we became a group of friends, who all feel like brothers/sisters, all Europeans, what really was the goal to reach at the end.

Elisa Faglia

Translated by Joanna-Eliisa Servet

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My EVS in Madrid, my beautiful story

Five months have passed since my arrival in Madrid. I remember like it was yesterday October the 3rd of last year when, full of emotion and curiosity, I was looking at everything surrounding me when I arrived in the Spanish capital. Since then, time has passed, I have had experiences, but above all, I have experienced lot of emotions. Continue reading

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