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Youth Exchange: “Youth For The Future”


Hi guys!

People who are writing this article are a group of youngsters who decided to depart for 10 days to the completely and absolutely unknown new country which is Armenia. We left on 20th of April thanks to one youth exchange within Erasmus+, under the title “Youth for the future” with a topic of environmental protection, recycling, and respect for nature. Wrapped in the dark and silent snowflakes, we arrived, late in the night in the city of Aghveran, the small village at 2000m altitude nestled between the Rocky Mountains and deep valleys in the region of Kotayk, a little more to the north of the capital city of Yerevan.

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EVS in Finland


Europe of Possibilities

A year of European Voluntary Service in Finland

My name is Cristina, I am 27 years old and I come from Verona.

From 2016 to 2017 I had a possibility to perform National Civilian Service at Euro desk Center of Valpolicella-Valdadige and it was an amazing and eye-opening experience.

During this year of collaboration, one of my tasks was to organize the meetings in the High Schools of the county of Verona and to inform youngsters regarding the possible opportunities abroad offered by “Erasmus+” of the European Union. I stayed astonished by EVS, but still, I haven’t found the project that completely fits me in everything.

Until, in one extremely warm day in July, I saw on Youmore Morcelli Giovani Facebook page the news about one EVS project in Finland. Continue reading

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The boy and his EVS project “Mediterranean Dream” in Czech Republic

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My European Volunteer Service has begun quite challenging , having to go into a project that has already begun, but above all, I have found myself in a city, Hradec Králové, and in a country, Czech Republic, with different habits to those I was used to in Italy. Fortunately, I have been very supported both by the co-ordinator and the other volunteers, which have made things a lot easier for me. It’s been hard for me to start a little new life on my own, and to have to think for example about things that I did not have to think in Italy, or living in a family where someone else thought of me. Also, regarding the activities, it was not easy, because I found myself engaged in activities I had never done, such as work with children. Continue reading

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Amazing: surprising, astonishing, stunning, astounding.

Was it waiting for me? Who are the people I am supposed to share this trip with? Will I find anything good to eat? Should I actually share my room with a stranger? And a bathroom with 25 people who I don’t know? Will I be able to communicate? These are questions we started our trip with.

When are we going? This was the only question on our minds before the trip.

A thing that happened in the middle is a wonderful story, and we thank Youmore Morcelli Giovani for promoting projects addressing young people in the field of the  ErasmusPlus community programme completely funded by European Commission. Continue reading

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Erasmus+ experience in Greece


Erasmus + Experience in Greece

“The Re-Act”

Yes, I like a lot “The Re-Act”, a title of the project held from August 27 to September 6 of 2017, in the ancient Greek city of Larissa. There were some really positive Re-actions!


“The Re-Act”, a title of the project held from August 27 to September 6 of 2017, in the ancient Greek city of Larissa.

Our nice group of three members composed of Laura, Emanuela and me, since the first pre-start meeting in the city of Chiari with Sona and Justina, until we found ourselves really nice connected and with the other 7 people who arrived from all parts of the Italy and who formed our group of 10 members as well. Plus other 10 Turkish and 10 Greek people, as well as 4 organizers and trainers, Fenia, Rania, Natascia, and Dimitri. All of them are so great! Continue reading

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