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Servizio Volontario Europeo in Lituania, Kaunas


progetti Progetti internazionali SVE

Servizio volontario europeo (lungo termine) in Lituania attraverso #youmore! Inviaci l’APPLICAZIONE (Scaricare il file) all’indirizzo mail istitutomorcelliano@gmail.com entro 25 Agosto

Youth Sociocultural Activator – main aim of the project is to facilitate life-long learning of all actors in EVS project – receiving organizations, target groups and volunteers. To provide participants with possibilities to gain and strengthen intercultural, linguistic competences, to support social services in our community, to promote European values.

Project dates: 04/09/2017- 27/07/2018
Place: Kaunas, Lithuania
Topic: social care, babies.
3 volunteers from different countries at the centre “Lopšelis”

About the host organization – “Lopšelis”

Habilitation hospital “Lopšelis” consists from two departments. One – the babie’s home department, provides primary care, social service and education for healthy and disabled 0-7 years old -children. Habilitation department provides outpatient and inpatient habilitation services for 0-18 years old disable children from all over the Lithuania. Children with different neurodevelopmental disabilities come there with their parents for functional evaluation and habilitation activities.
The staff of our organisation: medical staff (doctors, nurses, physio-, speech-, occupational-, music, art therapists, psychologist), social worker, pedagogue, assistants of nurses and social worker.
Target groups we generally work with: healthy (0-3 years old) and disabled children (0-7 years old) living in babie’s home, with children with developmental disabilities living in families, parents, staff.
Volunteers are hosted at care-home of healthy and disabled children.

For more information You can read this infoback-> Activator-Lopšelis-1 🙂

Practical arrangements

The project consists of two main parts – volunteering and life under hosting conditions, therefore please take a look at what we offer and what do we expect:

1. Volunteering 35-40 h/week at your chosen receiving organization. There will be one person responsible for planning the schedule with you, advising on everyday tasks, but most likely this person does not speak English, or a bit, although there are more people in the organization who most likely will help with translation in the beginning. Please take careful look at the target group description and tasks, this would be your everyday life 5 days/week, thus think very carefully!
2. You’d also meet with your mentor, who would help you to learn from your experience – reflect :), once a month at least.
3. You will be part of the group of volunteers at coordinating organization A.C.Patria – participate in monthly meetings where we share our experiences, apply non-formal education methods and learn from each other.
Volunteers group also are asked to help in making the volunteering and their project visible in society, encouraging other youngsters to volunteer, sharing good practices.
4. Language courses at least 36 academic hours in a group of volunteers.
5. We provide local transport tickets for public transport in Kaunas.
7. Regular volunteers’ allowances consists of 80 EUR/month pocket money and 120 EUR/month food allowances (200 EUR in total).
8. Volunteers pay their phone and internet connection fee which may reach ~5.8 EUR/month.
9.  Accommodation. One volunteer gets private room in shared apartment (3-5 people living in one flat or house). Usually accommodation is modest in the old buildings, which might look so much different from what you expect it to be. Temperature inside the room in winter might be ~18 °C. We ask for 20 EUR deposit in order to prevent damage or loss related, but if no damage done and if there were no abuse of rules, deposit is given back – be free to ask about it. 🙂
10. Since the travel expenses have fixed prices, we would be able to cover only what is under the given
amount by Executive Agency, given budget is 275 EUR for round trip under 1999 km and 360 EUR for longer distance.

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