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Youth exchange “Lend a hand” in Lithuania: learn and grow while travelling

Progetto senza titolo (6)The 13th of November 2019 we went in Lithuania for the youth exchange “Lend a hand” through the Chiari’s association “Youmore Morcelli Giovani”. We had no idea of what we would find there, of how would been living one week together with people with different lifestyles and food habits other than ours and spend most of the time confronting each other in a language different from ours. For some of us was the very first time abroad, for others it was the second european project in few months. As we could notice, the thing that brought us together was the readyness in living a unique and unforgettable experience. Continue reading

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Unforgettable experience in youth exchange “Stop EGO” in Lithuania

“We don’t move for escaping problems, we move all over the world for creating a better one!”

On 25 October 2019 an all-female team (Sofia, Deborah, Irene, Alessia, Lucrezia, Michela and group leader Elisa) started an unforgettable journey to the (not-so) far country of Lithuania. Lithuania?! Wasn’t it an imaginary country? To dispel this myth, we applied to the youth exchange entitled “Stop EGO” and we can assure you that yes, Lithuania exists and it stole our hearts! Land of thick forests, numerous bodies of water and strong winds, Lithuania is a small country located in the north-east of Europe, a magic place where you can taste bright pink soups, visit towns rich in history and tradition and, if all of this still wasn’t enough, experience the true Lithuanian sauna, followed by a dip in the freezing waters of lake Lūšiai. Continue reading

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